SuiteCRM: An Open Source CRM Takes Aim At Salesforce

SuiteCRM is one of the most popular open source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software available. With its unique-priced managed CRM hosting service, SuiteCRM is aiming to challenge enterprise CRMs like Salesforce.

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Damaged Hard Drive Due To Smoke

A damaged hard drive is bad news. You want to avoid that as much as possible. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll lose your data when that happens.

Your data is very important. You’d want to protect it all times. That’s the reason why it’s a must to install a powerful anti-virus and a reliable backup service. Unfortunately, those aren’t enough to really protect your data. When it comes to securing your data, you need to do more than that.

However, security is a much broader category than just that, and it includes both the availability of and the integrity of your information, and a part of that is physical protection. These days, the latest risks we often hear about are things like breaches of data stored in the cloud, or compromised IoT devices. However, it is important to remember that these sorts of risks are in addition to—not instead of—other older and less “sexy” risks, such as hard drive crashes.


The hard drive of your computer is probably the last thing you’ll ever think of. To start with, you can’t even see it. So, why bother? Well, you should because your hard drive is where all your precious data go. Your hard drive works very hard to store all your valuable data.

Conventional hard disk drives work by spinning a series of aluminum or glass platters on a spindle driven by an electric motor. And when spun up, they are going pretty fast and with incredibly fine tolerances: hard disk drives used in servers spin their platters at up to 15,000 revolutions per minute (RPM), which works out to around 150 mph (or about 240 kph, for the metrically minded). Just barely above and below these platters float minuscule read-write heads, each less than a millimeter wide, at the end of an actuator arm. How far apart do the actuator arms place the heads from the platters? As little as 3 nanometers, or about 1/25,000th the thickness of a human hair. Read-write heads themselves are so small that they are manufactured using similar technologies to those used to make CPUs. All of these parts come together

How to Change User Password in Ubuntu

In this short quick article, we will show you how to change a user password in Ubuntu Linux using the graphical interface as well as the command line interface. As you are well aware,...

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Scientific Linux is Being Discontinued

Scientific Linux, a distributions focused on scientists in high energy physics field, will not be developed anymore. It’s creator, Fermilab, is replacing it by CentOS in its labs.

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System76 Releases Pop!_OS 19.04 for Its Linux PCs, Based on Ubuntu 19.04

System76, the computer manufacturer specialized in laptops, desktops, and servers powered by Linux, announced the general availability of the Pop!_OS 19.04 operating system.

Based on the recently released Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) operating system, Pop!_OS 19.04 is here to offer System76 computer owners a highly customized and beautified GNOME desktop environment with a brand-new icon theme, as well as top-notch hardware support for their machines and all the latest software updates included upstream.

“The icons for Pop!_OS applications, files, and folders have been redesigned to complement GNOME’s icons under their new design guidelines,” said System76 in the release announcement. “Many applications have been updated to new GNOME icons alr… (read more)

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Lubuntu 19.04 Released with Latest LXQt Desktop and Calamares Installer

The Lubuntu 19.04 operating system has been released as part of the Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) series, a version that brings various enhancements and up-to-date components.

Bundled with the same new features and improvements implemented by Canonical in the Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) operating system series, Lubuntu 19.04 is here as the second Lubuntu release to ship with the modern and lightweight LXQt desktop environment by default as the development team’s focus is now only on LXQt, not the old LXDE desktop environment, which is no longer supported.

“This is the second Lubuntu release with LXQt as the main desktop environment. The Lubuntu project, in 18.10 and successive releases, will no longer support the LXDE desktop environment or tools in the Ubuntu archive, and will instead focus on the LXQt desktop environme… (read more)

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Debian-Based Netrunner Linux Gets April 2019 Release with New Look and Feel

The development team behind the Netrunner Linux project released Netrunner Rolling 2019.04, the April 2019’s snapshot of the rolling release version of Netrunner Linux OS based on Arch Linux.

Following on the January 2019 release of Netrunner 19.01, the non-rolling release based on the Debian Testing branch of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, Netrunner Rolling 2019.04 is here with the KDE Plasma 5.15.3 desktop environment accompanied by the KDE Applications 18.12.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.56 software suites, all built against the Qt 5.12.2 application framework.

Netrunner Rolling 2019.04 also ships with the latest Mozilla Firefox 66.0.3 “Quantum” web browser by default, featuring integration with the KDE Plasma desktop environment and native KDE file dialog support. The Mozilla Thunderbird 60.6 email and news client is present as well in this release, which is powered by the Linux 4.19.32 LTS kernel.

“There are two things to keep in mind regarding the way we sh… (read more)

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Ubuntu 19.10 Daily Builds Are Now Available to Download

Canonical just kicked off the development cycle of the next release of their widely-used Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu 19.10, allowing testers and early adopters to download daily build ISO images.

While the Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) just hit the streets at the end of last week, Canonical’s Ubuntu team are already working on the next release, Ubuntu 19.10, which doesn’t have a codename at the moment of writing, but we do know that it will be an “Eoan” animal that start with the letter E.

Until Canonical decided to give Ubuntu 19.10 a proper codename, early adopters and testers can now download the daily build ISO images, which are available for Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server, as well as the official flavors, including Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE… (read more)

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Linux Now Available on More Phones with Samsung’s Latest DeX Update

If you’re looking for a convenient way to run Linux on a phone and thus get the portability that everyone is hoping for without any loss in terms of usability, Samsung’s Linux on DeX project is worth a chance.

With this feature, Samsung basically enables Linux to run on its DeX platform, which allows a smartphone to double as a PC when connected to a bigger screen with a dedicated adapter.

While the standard DeX version is available for all latest-generation Samsung phones, the Linux on DeX project advances slowly, so only a handful of models are supported for now.

The most recent update, however, expands this list to several new Samsung smartphones, including here the full Galaxy S10 lineup. You can thus use the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10+, and even the Galaxy S10 5G to launch Linux on DeX after installing today’s update.

How to join the beta

Additionally, Samsung has also added support… (read more)

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