IPFire Open-Source Linux Firewall Now Patched Against Intel MDS Vulnerabilities

The IPFire open-source, hardened, and versatile Linux firewall has been updated to version IPFire 2.23 Core Update 132, a maintenance release that patches the latest Intel vulnerabilities and updates core components.

IPFire 2.23 Core Update 132 is more like an emergency release that ships with an updated Linux kernel, version 4.14.120, which is patched against the recently disclosed Intel MDS (Microarchitectural Data Sampling) security vulnerabilities known as RIDL, Fallout, and ZombieLoad, as well as an updated intel-microcode firmware, version 20190514.

“Additionally, to mitigate this bug which cannot be fixed at all, SMT is disabled by default on all affected processors which has significant performance impacts,” said Michael Tremer in the read more)

from Softpedia News / Linux https://news.softpedia.com/news/ipfire-open-source-linux-firewall-now-patched-against-intel-mds-vulnerabilities-526351.shtml

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