Linux Kernel 5.2 to Come with Improved Support for Logitech Wireless Devices

The upcoming Linux 5.2 kernel series will come with lots of cool new features and performance improvements that users of Linux-based operating system will enjoy, including improved support for Logitech’s wireless devices.

Linux developer Hans de Goede talks in his latest blog post about one cool feature coming to the Linux 5.2 kernel series, which will benefit those who own Logitech wireless devices like keyboards and mice. According to him, support for these devices has been greatly improved in Linux kernel 5.2 to offer users battery monitoring support and per device key-mapping.

Previous Linux kernel versions supported Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse device through a generic HID emulation for their 2.4 GHz and 27 MHz wireless receivers, but starting w… (read more)

from Softpedia News / Linux

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