New Linux Mint Logo Revealed Alongside Further Updates

Linux Mint is in the middle of getting a subtle facelift that concerns both the official website and the logo, and a few days ago, Clem Lefebvre provided us with a sneak peek at how everything could look when this redesign is finalized.

First and foremost, it’s worth knowing that not everything is set in stone, and some of the elements that you see here could still change.

The logo itself, for example, is still in the experimental stage, and the head of the project explains that it is specifically designed from the very beginning to resolve all the struggles with the current version, including the broken scaling model.

“We’ve been working around these issues for a while now. In previous releases we shipped with flat, semi-flat and symbolic versions of the current logo (your application menu logo in 19.1 is an example of this) but we can’t address all the issues without removing that border in the shape of a leaf,” he explained.

Under the hood improvements… (read more)

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