Canonical Improves Security and Robustness of Ubuntu Kubernetes with Containerd

Canonical announced today that it added support for Containerd container runtime in the latest releases of its Charmed Kubernetes and Microk8s products to improve their security and robustness.

Available for Linux and Windows operating systems, Containerd is the industry-standard container runtime capable of managing entire container lifecycles, including container execution, low-level storage, image transfer, network attachments, as well as process supervision. Besides improving security, Containerd ensures reduced latency and robust performance for Canonical’s Kubernetes offering.

“Containerd has become the industry-standard container runtime focused on simplicity, robustness, and portability,” said Carmine Rimi, Product Manager for Kubernetes at Canonical. “Enabling Kubernetes to drive containerd directly reduces the number of moving parts, reduces latency in pod star… (read more)

from Softpedia News / Linux

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